Seth’s Bio

Seth Kestenbaum is a late-40-something real estate advisory services executive with no real prior automotive experience.  He lives in Nyack and in 2011 found himself with enough time on his hands to purchase the 1929 Ford Phaeton.

Classic touring cars have captured Seth eye since he was a child; however, prior to purchasing this Phaeton, Seth never even changed the oil in a car.  He has no particular automotive repair skills or knowledge but promised himself to learn as he went and do most (if not all) of the work with his own hands and/or with the help of Model A experts.

Seth has spent countless hours learning about this beautiful and previously neglected car and how to get her up and running.  At this point, there is almost no part of the car that he hasn’t touched in his attempts to undo 40 years of deferred maintenance and repairs.

He has rebuilt the speedometer, rebuilt the generator, worked on the brakes, replaced gas lines, replaced hoses, rebuilt the horn, patched and replaced wiring, started doing body work, dropped the oil pan, cleaned the valve chamber, and had a blast messing it all up and then eventually making it work.  The engine is  now rebuilt, the transmission is now rebuilt and the car was the last commuter vehicle over the Tappen Zee bridge. The car is now almost reaching a “reliable” level…. except when she has to perform in front of an audience.  With all of this, there is a lot of work that the car still needs done.

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