About The Journey

The engine before I started working on it. Ugly but runs.

This 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton Four Door was rescued from a NJ hot rod shop in July 2011.  When I got her, she “kind of” ran… sometimes.   More often she just sat quietly leaking fuel and hemorrhaging oil.

This website documents the journeys and adventures of this Phaeton including some notable old car road trips that most people would consider impossible or not practical.  As the car and I venture into the unknown, we will meet Model A experts along the way, learn about how to maintain/repair the car, and hopefully end each trip with the car in better shape than when we started.  Whenever possible, details of the work done and information about the characters meet will be shared.  Thank you in advance to all the folks we meet via MAFCA or MARC or whatever organization we come across.  Hopefully you will enjoy my travels.

  1. JB says:

    March 2017, Seth, back on the road yet ?

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