Post Trip Singlemalts Neat (Balvenie 10 and Mobile 30)

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Uncategorized


Visiting Cornell for reunion and seeing friends and their families was a perfect recharge for my systems. It didn’t matter that it rained all Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday. It was a great time regardless.  I really do love Cornell and the people there.

Here is Mark M in the driver’s seat with his kids in the back and joined by the R-F Family kids.  We had a great ride around campus, over two bridges, over speed bumps, and in the beautiful Ithaca weather.  Next time perhaps Jessica M and Loren R-F will join.

mandel and family

— friends with the car photos will at some point appear here—
I love Cornell so much, just leaving campus to get groceries left me feeling a little flat, but not completely. I was able to get myself pumped back up. This particular tire tends to deflate on occasion.


One of the highlights from the roadtrip was spending time with the guys from Sullivan Trail Model A’s.

Jim, Bruce, Bill, Monty, Bob and I gathered over coffee, donuts, and cars early on Saturday morning.
These “Gurus of A” were even kind enough to give my car a quick once over and share some thoughts/expertise. My “to do list” grew.


Here are Jim and Bruce trying to help me seal a leaking bolt in my valve cover chamber. I’ll be redoing the cover (yet again) sometime in the not too distance future – but not today.


We also tighten my slightly loose carburetor.

Regardless of having a few oil leaks and such, I decided to conquer Buffalo Street.  Here is a video.

Exit 77 on Route 17 is one of my car’s favorite places.  You remember where I stopped to fill with water when I was heading north?  I was their again.  Here is a video of me TRYING to fix a problem with the generator.

The repair didn’t work.  The insulation on the output bolt on the generator on my 5-Brush Powerhouse must have broken apart (it was OLD and fragile) and the output bolt was loose.  I didn’t want to drive with the generator like this as I was afraid it would eventually fry itself.  So, I took 20 minutes and swapped it out with my original 3-Brush Powerhouse.  It worked just fine… even though its output was still higher than I like.    I didn’t yet remove my “extension” of the wiring harness.


Throughout the trip the car still was running a little hot and still was losing fluids (coolant and oil).  I stopped every 40-60 miles to check and add fluids if needed.

So, we made it there and back!  This was the goal.  Now have another long list of “to dos” that need to be done before the next long trip.  The Phaeton continues to grow younger every trip.

To celebrate, we both decided to have a drink….. similar selections, but different.


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