A Homerific Journey – Heading to Ithaca

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

What a trip! My Phaeton and I left the garage at 7:40AM. What is the first thing you do on a road trip?  Fuel up… here I am at my favorite place to get my go-juice.


Actually, by 8:00AM the car’s tank was full and I was at Starbucks in Northvale NJ meeting with Rich Skriloff. Rich, as you may know from former postings, is a friend/business associate who has driven the car before.  He and I spent a bit over an hour talking shop.  Rich and I went to grad school together back in the late 90s.

At 9:15 I was back on the road. I decided to take the I287 to I87 to Route 17 and avoid the big hill in Harriman. The car was a rockstar!

The temperature remained low, the steering was tight, and the engine purred along. Here is a video of me on the thruway and another of me heading over the big Shawangunk Ridge.

I made it to Ellenville. Here is a photo of me in front of the Hunt Building…. I almost owned this building years ago. I bet the city council wished they actually sold it to me now.


In Ellenville I stopped in to spend time with Manuk and Joanie.  I’ll try to upload the video of Manuk driving…. he was in love with the car.   I suspect he is going to try to get me to tow him on his hang glider with the car and a long rope.  It isn’t going to happen.

Why drive an old car all the way to Ithaca…. Just look at the scenery!


Add water in East Brach…


Add water in Depot… and thank you to Mr. Donner(?) who saw me at the side of the road and INSISTED on driving behind me to the gas station to make certain I made it.  I hope he and his daughter (or granddaughter) had a good day.  Oh, and the carburetor that leaked a little… it leaks a lot now.  I’m going to have to deal with that soon.


Why do I need to add water?  It seems that SOMETIMES everything is ok and the car is doing find and then BAM it starts to heat up.  I suspect I have some gunk in the radiator that is occasionally clogging a tube. My water pump’s impeller could also be overfilling the top of the radiator and causing the overflow to drain too much. Who knows.  I also think I may be leaking/burning a little oil. It was LOW when I checked it a few times in route. I’ve added a bit of oil “just in case” each time with the knowledge that if I add too much the car will just leak it out as it finds its own level. Tomorrow I will have to look into this.  With a recently run engine, the dipper doesn’t give a reliable reading. 

BINGHAMTON! I81 is the place to be. Let me tell you, the major roads were great!

The only time I had a close call was when some IDIOT tried to pass me on a local road  (NOT THE HIGHWAY>>>> THE LOCAL ROAD). The speed limit was 40, I was doing 43, they wanted to be doing 50.  The guy tried passing in a no passing zone and then when the oncoming traffic prevented this, he started to push over and forced me to the shoulder. IDIOT! The highways were great. The drivers with all very respectful and friendly. The truckers love the Phaeton and I imagine I am on at least 100 different facebook pages based on the photos taken by random individuals.


Cornell!!!!! I love this place. It only took 10 hours to get here…. ok, I stopped several times. It only took 7 hours to get here. I did take the long route. I have to check but suspect that with all my side trips I actually drove 260 miles. What do you get after you drive 260 miles? A beer!

With rain expected for the next few days I’ve decided to put the top up, the side curtains on, and a tarp over the car. I’ve the good fortune of crashing over tonight at the AEPi fraternity house.


The AEPi house was my home for 3 years in college and a place I loved dearly. 20 years later the brothers handed me a key and the door codes and said, “come in and enjoy”.

The car is going to hang out here for a few days as well. Saturday I am meeting up with the local model a crew at Jim Morris’s place (another true Model A guru) and on Sunday I am hoping to meet with the Binghamton crew.

  1. Pat Martone says:

    ‘Glad to hear you made it safely to Ithaca; I hope you’ll have a safe trip back too.

    I hope you’ll feel adventurous enough to make a long trek again, this time to the New England Regional Model A meet during the last weekend in September at Cape Cod; there should be over 100 Model A’s there.

    Thank you again for posting your adventures for all of us to enjoy, regardless of whether they take place under your car, or inside it and on the road!

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