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Oh The Gunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
Oil Pump

Oil Pump


what does 487mean?


oil pump in pieces

In a few weeks I will be driving through the ‘gunks to reach Ithaca NY from NYC.  I love the ‘gunks.  I love my Model A.   My Model A has come with lots of gunk.  Unfortunately, this is the bad GUNK and not the beautiful mountains of the Shawangunks.

Today I did two things.  I took apart and cleaned (as best as possible) the oil pump and I opened up the valve chamber to start investigating its condition.

A little background….. Fresh and clean oil looks a bit like light maple syrup.  Dirty oil looks more like chocolate syrup.  Optimally, when you change oil in a car the old oil is darker than light maple syrup but nowhere close to chocolate syrup.  …..back to my blog.

The oil pump in my Ford may or may not be original.  It doesn’t come apart like the one in the Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook and it has no gaskets (like the ones I waited for prior to starting the job).  The “cover” on the pump is also supposed to come off the housing.  This one doesn’t.   Who knows, it could be a rare and highly sought after part that is worth thousands….or it could be a cheap knock off from the 60s.  If anyone knows, it will be one of the gurus on the website-discussion board.  I’ve just posted a photo there and now just need to wait it out.  The members always seem to love the challenge of “what is this part” postings.  They also are always impressively quick and knowledgeable with answers.

Here is a video of the pump being tested.

With the pump working I decided to look at the valve chamber.  To do this I had to remove the oil return pipe (which may be clogged up a little) and then the valve chamber cover. They both came off easily. I may repaint the valve chamber cover if I can motivate to really clean it up and prep it appropriately.

Ok, you remember the light maple syrup and the chocolate syrup simile from earlier.  Let’s talk about undercooked brownie mix.  You don’t want undercooked brownie mix in your engine.  This is the gunk that kills engines. The valve chamber looks like a kid’s EZ Bake Oven coated in brownie mix.  It is dark and chunky and there is no maple syrup anywhere.  It scares me that there is so much gunk.  It is so dark and chunky that I can’t find the holes where the oil drains to different parts of the car.  If I start “cleaning” I may just push gunk  into these chambers.  This would be bad.  I need to figure out how to suck the gunk out, then plug up the oil pathways (with pipe cleaners) and then clean the whole chamber out without damaging it and without being able to really scrub or scrape the area (no oven-off will be used here either).



Here is a little video of the chamber.

I’ve seen photos of the inside of other people’s engines.  They looked “oily”.  Occasionally they had a little crud in the corner.  I guess tomorrow will be a busy day.