Oils Well That Ends Well

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Much Less Sealant

We are back on the road. A trusted engine rebuilder took a look at a bunch of my photos and suggested that I redo the sealant around the valve cover and not worry about the sealant around the oil pan (which isn’t nearly as excessive). So, with this advice in hand I decided to blend the information I received from all the experts and redo the valve chamber seal. This time I decided to use a light coat of the red super-tacky brush on sealant on the cover side only. The engine side has no sealant. It seems to have worked. It looks so much better than when I did it the first time. Here is a photos.

With the cover “on”, I decided that I should focus on pre-lubing the system. As you may remember, I brushed oil on the inside components of the engine before I closed things up. I also used a plastic straw and dripped oil into some of the passageways. The engine rebuilder gave me some great advice to really make certain that the pre-lube worked correctly. He suggested that in addition to this painting of oil, I remove the distributor and pour 1 quart of oil down the shaftway and then full the balance of the needed oil into the normal oil-tube. This would ensure that all needed areas (the dipper-tray on top and the valve chamber) had oil.

I was anxious about removing the distributor. I helped Red do this when we changed head gaskets in CT last year when I was in route to Boston. It wasn’t easy. I’ve also read about many broken distributors and engine heads that resulted from removal of the distributor and had concern that you might need to reset the engine timing (as if I know how to do that). I spent about an hour researching the “how tos” and finally figured that I didn’t need to redo timing if I was careful. Here are some photos of my removing the distributor. It was “stuck”, but a few hits of PB Blaster helped. I am concerned about all that rust, but will not be dealing with it this month.

From the images so far, do you see what I forgot? Ok, so know how I meticulously took care of the valve cover and removed the distributor. I carefully crafted a funnel to pour in oil to pre-lub. I basically over-thought and over analyzed every step and tried to be as precise and perfect as possible. Here is a video of my genius. Good thingIMG_2734 I have a sense of humor and trays on the floor of the garage.IMG_2735

Return tube installed, I tried filling the car with oil again. This time it seems to have stayed in the engine. After a nice snugging of the bolts and re-installation of the distributor I took the car off the stands and was back on the road. 3.5 weeks before the trip to Ithaca and I have a lot more work I would like to do. Before the big ride, I may do a smaller NYC trip. I will need to re-snug the oil pan and valve cover bolts but want to heat up and cool off the engine a few times.


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