Let There Be Lights (that flickers less and don’t short out or burn down your house)

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

One of the guys from my local club that has helped me out on repairs stopped by this evening. His headlights have been giving him problems. He knew that I had issues with mine and “futz” with them over and over again. This post is dedicated to Len.

How does Seth fix the shorting out headlight problem with his Model A? By changing the connections from the historic 3-plunger/3-pin system to modern bullet connections.

1) open up the headlight (remove the screw from the back, remove the lens in its holder in the front, disconnect the conduit)
2) cut the old connections (I removed the plungers first. This is a pain to do as they have an almost hidden pressure connection thing going on.)
3) strip the tips of the wires add male and female modern connections
4) put it all back together
5) post about it on your blog


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