What’s Next?

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The car is happily in the garage and waiting for a post trip cleaning/maintenance/inspection.   I’ve already come up with a list of “next items” to address on the car.  I am not doing any of them today.   Some of these items are “simple”….. like flushing the radiator again (to see if anything shook loose over the last 225 miles).  Other repair items are beyond my skill set and will require the assistance of others (like dropping the oil pan and figuring out where the heck I am loosing all this oil — the pan likely hasn’t been off the car in 40 years…. I don’t know what to expect to see).  I will attempt to document these items/repair and keep all those interested in how the journey progresses. 

I would like the next trip to be a little more “local”… 100 +/- miles from the car’s suburban NY garage.  This should allow me to bring things to the next-level before attempting Burlington VT or Ithaca NY or somewhere like that.   Before the next trip, I would like to address the oil loss… which is excessive.  There is more oil on the floor than in my exhaust.  I am hopeful that this is “good news”.  I am feeling more confident in the car, but now know a lot more of its current limitations. 

Moving forward, I will also take more photos of the car with landmarks in the background (I don’t have anything “Boston” in my photos).  If you have a location suggestion, please let me know via email or comments. If you find yourself in the NY Metro Area, let me know. 

My goal was to learn about the car, meet some people, and come home with the car in better shape than when it left.  All these goals were met multiple times over.  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE.  I can’t thank folks like Red, Rick, Harold, Joanne/Rodney, Mitch/Ali, Chris P, and others enough for all their help.

  1. David Rosen says:

    I think a picture of you and the car on the Golden Gate Bridge would be great!!

  2. it would be great…. but I might shoot for something closer first. Perhaps Philadelphia or Burlington.

  3. Mike Stover says:

    Congrats! You’re inspiring me to take my own long trip in my new old 1930 Model A coupe. She wasn’t running I bought her (I say her because sometimes its a pain in the neck). So far I’ve removed, cleaned and sealed the tank and had the radiator recored. Reconnecting the headlights gave me the same problem. What a crappy piece of engineering. Anyway, keep the shiny up!

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