On the Mass Pike and Will Corton Behind the Wheel.

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

The short drive from Newtonville to Waltham to Framingham was a great test for the car this afternoon.  I drove on 95 and the Mass Pike for a while “at speed” and there were no overheating issues, no bubbles from near the spark plugs, and no odd noises.  This bodes well for my long drive tomorrow.  I posted the following video as proof that I actually drive on the major roads. 

Tonight I am at the Corton’s.  Mitch is one of my closest friends from my high school days.  He married a mutual friend Ali and they now have two kids (Will and Molly) that are both full of beans (high energy and with fun personalities).  It is WILD watching Mitch and Ali being parents.  The stories I could tell about young Mitch… heck, the stories he could tell about me.  Regardless, no one would believe the tales.  Will and Molly both were able to join for a short ride in the car (as well as one of the neighbors) and then we went to the Framingham Outdoor Concert Series in the town square. 

I also decided to leave behind some impact on the kids and taught them to approach people and ask “guess what?”   When the person responds with a “what?” they instantly get a “chicken butt!” as the response.  Yes, I am just that evil.  I have taught them something annoying that will likely stay with them for years.   These kids are great. 

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