A wrench in the works and weather I should leave in the AM

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The CAR RUNS!!!!!! I’ve been tooling around the Newton/Waltham area on/off all day and the car is not showing signs of overheating.  I couldn’t motivate to drive to Tams to pick up a replacement water pump to deal with the SQUEEEEK and decided to check other things just in case…..including loosening the packing nut on the pump. I loosened the nut and no noise for a long idle and a few short rides. I tighten the pump and then I had a noise. I did this sequence again. The pattern continued. I’ve concluded that I probably overtightened the nut while on the road and again when I repacked it here. I do need a new pump, but am not getting it today (and hopefully not tomorrow or until I am back in NY).  I’ve also been made aware of a sleeve you can add to the pump to help restrict its movement.   Guess what is on the “pre-tour checklist” as an item one might want to bring…. Yup, A water pump. 

Model A Ford Phaetons are convertibles.  This is what makes them so AWESOME.  They have no real windows… just side curtains that get hooked up if/when you need them.  Most people don’t even have them.  On another day I will hook them up for all to see.   Model A’s also HEAT UP in the cab when driven.  This is because the muffler is just a piece of plywood away from the passenger’s feet. What does this mean to me?  It means that if I try to close up the car to make it more water-resistant, it will likely be too hot in the car to drive.  The forecast for NY tomorrow is RAIN.  I would prefer not to drive in the rain.  Here is the kicker, a good client has asked me to be in Hartford (this is the client I didn’t meet with on my way to Boston).  I may just drive the 2 hours to Hartford in the SAAB and return to Boston that evening to leave Boston in the Phaeton on Saturday or Sunday. 

I need to post this picture of Daniel Rosenberg and myself. He is a shopping center owner (he owns a bunch) and lives in NYC. I drive all the way to Boston, sit next to this guy for lunch, start talking, and it winds up he is a good friend’s brother-in-law and knows another friend of mine for 30 years.  Daniel and I have never met.  The photo also proves to the Model A world that I do own a suit. 

Oh, and there was a slight air leak from where a spark plug goes into the engine.  I removed the plug, cleaned up the washer it uses, cleaned the threads (which are already dirty…. the engine is a little tired), and the leak seems to be gone.  I am also considering “re-torquing the head” again regardless.

I should know my travel plans in a few hours.  If I drive the Phaeton to Hartford and risk the rain and a breakdown in route to the important client meeting, I will leave here at 5 AM.  If I take the SAAB, I leave at 8AM.  If the client is ok with me tele-commuting, I sleep until 9:30 and get some dunkin donuts (it is Boston).

  1. Brian says:

    That’s a big wrench … You must have some awfully large nuts.

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