Headlight Plunger Contacts DON’T MAKE LIFE EASY and Update on Radiator and SCREEECH

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

My conference ended today (the ICSC New England Idea Exchange in Boston  www.icsc.org) so I can now focus on getting my ride back in shape for my return trip to NY.  

If you remember from the last post, I wasn’t able to finish putting the radiator back on the Ford before the conference started because of time constraints.  The step that caught me up was the “simple” plunger connections used for the headlights.  This should be a simple “connection”.  One side kept shorting out — to a level that could cause a fire.  So far on this trip I have spent over 2 hours dealing with this “simple” headlight connection system.   

Here is a video on my thoughts on how Henry Ford goofed this one up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ufcHW3yFbo

With this all together, I am happy to report the car runs.  With a 10 minute fast idle the engine temp looks like it is doing what it should.  Tomorrow I will likely test the car for overheating…. but first I need to address that SCREEEEEEEEEEECH I heard the other night in route to Boston.  I suspect it is from the water pump or from the fan belt.  In the AM I will try to again replicate the noise (which I did tonight) and come up with a plan of action.  Chances are that I will end up driving to TAMS Model A Parts (about 1 hour from here) and picking up a new waterpump and a few other supplies.  I’ll try to post more tomorrow as continue to trouble shoot.  If you happen to be in the Boston area and have an extra 1929 waterpump, please shoot me an email.

  1. Lenny says:


    Did you get rain up there?


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