Radiator Later

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I put 1.5 hours into getting the radiator back into the car and ALMOST got the job complete.  You all remember the troublesome wiring for the headlights, right?  All that work I did to get the “Henry’s Plunger System” to work was undone when I had to disconnect the headlights and horn to remove the radiator. When I put it all back together, one of the headlights wasn’t working and its conduit connection was heating up.  This likely means that I have wires not making solid contact or some sort of a short.  Regardless, and as I was in a rush for a dinner (that I was late to), I decided to keep the battery disconnected and attempt to hook it all up on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have a few meetings and a convention I am attending, so no work will likely take place on the car.

The radiator is mounted and with about 10-20 minutes of work the car will again be whole….. excepting the stone guard which I have elected to keep off the car to help maximize airflow.  I really need to test the car and wanted to do this all today (so I could hunt down a backup radiator if needed).  This didn’t happen.

If you ever put a radiator back in a Model A, please note that the wiring is the hardest part.  It is also awkward to tighten the spring mounted radiator screws and this might be best done by two people.  Having two people for the hood reinstall is also a great idea.

  1. Lenny says:


    If I follow this saga any closer, I’ll be in front of you!


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