Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Model A world is surprisingly large.  It has an international family of devote followers.  Most of the family is in it for love of the hobby.

I received an email from someone today asking about how I knew how to do certain repairs to the car if I had no real automotive experience.  My reflex was to say “”.  I searched back on my last year of work with the car and realized just how much has helped me figure out what I am doing.   I have a bunch of “how to” books and they are very valuable.  I don’t want to take from that; however, the congregation of experts willing to share their thoughts on the Fordbarn website has been absolutely  incredible.  I wanted to make certain I dedicated a post early in my adventures to this site.   Good job Fordbarners.  If you are interested in the Model A world (or other early Fords), I really recommend you visit the Fordbarn Site.



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