slept most of the day

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I just couldn’t get started.  I was supposed to do a 65 mile bike ride but was exhausted and my body decided it was taking a day off after the last few days (and a great night out yesterday).  Basically, my spirit was willing but my body wasn’t able.  I napped most of the day.   At about 5PM I finally decided I should get to doing some work on the car.

First thing I did was reset the 3-brush generator for daytime driving.  Here is a link to the video.  I then loosened the fan belt which I hope eliminates that SQUEEEEEEEEEEK that scared me into calling AAA the other night. I haven’t heard the noise since I adjusted the belt.  I will be keeping an ear open for this.

Then I decided I should remove the radiator so I could bring it to one of the shops Monday AM.  There were several steps to make this happen. Before I get into them,  I MUST again thank Red Leiner of R&L Model A Shop.  Having worked with him the other day I learned how to remove the hood of the car and gained some great confidence in doing work on the car.  If Red ever gave automotive repair lessons, I would take them.  Here is a bunch of slides from my removing the radiator.  It only took about 1.5 hours (and I have no idea of what I am doing).

You can see me removing the splash apron, removing the hood, removing the wires through the shell to the lights/horn, Rodney Bialkin helping me with removing the shell, and removing the mounts (on springs) between the frame and radiator.  I don’t have a photo of it, but the radiator “walks” back a little and then can be easily lifted.  Don’t forget to disconnect the hoses!  Rodney and Joanne have an 93 Sabb that they have lent me. The radiator is in the trunk.  I was SHOCKED at how easy this was to take apart.  I did a flow test and it seemed OK (not great).  Now I am off to treat Joanne to dinner….. Rodney has been working on his house and needs to get some sleep.   I hope it is easy to put back together.

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