Saturday is a New Day

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday the car let me know where it needs help.  Obviously the cooling system has issues, but also in some loose wires and other areas.  I just told a friend that “all epic adventures need some adversity.”  So, in my journey, the phaeton has an “Achilles cooling system.”  Yesterday, it was a problem.

This morning I was up at 6:30ish and with three hours of sleep (camping out in a tiny tent in the Bialkin back yard) I started to bang out a bunch of little repairs.   There will be no distance driving until I get the radiator rodded out and hopefully fix this cooling issue.   I idled the car for over an hour.  She sounded STRONG/HEALTHY and there was no overheating or leaks from the new headgasket.  I did get the right headlight wiring connected properly (for now — I may hard wire them eventually–this isn’t Henry’s way but eliminates issues), repacked the water pump packing nut, greased a bunch of fittings, flushed the coolant a few times, and was able to replicate the squeeeeeeeeeeeek without the car moving.  The sound didn’t stick around long enough for me to find its source, but I think it was the fan belt being a little to tight OR it could be a problem with the generator’s bearings.  I will loosen the fan belt and can easily repack the generator (or swap it with the spare I brought) if the sound comes back.  Thankfully, the noise is not coming from the axle

Rodney and Joanne’s new place is BEAUTIFUL.  I was towed there at 2:45 in the morning.  They arrived today at 1PM. The car/house combo looks great.  Both need work.  The home is probably 30 to 40 years older than the car.  Rodney and I took a 3 mile ride.  The car performed BEAUTIFULLY.  No surprises and no off noises.  Tomorrow I am going to teach him to drive it.

Just after waking I walked down the road to the local dunkin donuts to recharge my phone.  I there bumped into two classic car guys (and about 20 folks just drooling over my non-pimped ride. One of the car guys  told me of a radiator guy TWO miles away.  I spoke to the owner of that shop (Jon Carroll?) and on Monday morning I will likely stop in to see him.  I haven’t decided if I should bring them the whole car or just the radiator.  They would likely prefer the latter as it makes the job go quicker and the old car would just use up their space.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If they can fix what I have it would be AWESOME.  If not, my failsafe is to buy a used one or a new one. Both options will take a few days for delivery.

A little later Harold Samuels and his wife stopped in to say hello.  Harold and I have been in touch via email and phone for about 2 weeks.  I was originally hoping to surprise him and the local Model A club he is president of by showing up with the car this past Thursday for a club meeting.  Didn’t happen.   Harold has also been incredibly helpful in my venture.  Here is the club’s website.  They have lot of events and I think nearly 200 members.  Check them out if you haven’t.

  1. Lenny says:

    This reads like an adventure novel. I can’t wait for the next entry!

    Lenny Spinelli

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