A Day with Red Leiner

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


Friday was actually a really good day… kind of.  If the goal of my trip was to meet people and work on the car then my day with Red at R&L Model A shop is about a good as it gets.  Charles Beckman, President of the area’s model a club, suggested I use Red as my emergency contact in case I had to go to “Plan B” which would require a repair on the road or at a shop.  I am thrilled they gave me his name (and a few others in the area).  Red welcomed me into his shop as if I was family.  Talk about hospitality.  This guy is great.  We spent the day troubleshooting the Phaeton, running errands, and just having a great time.  We got a lot accomplished and I can’t even express what a pleasure it was to work with him.

Here are some photos of what we discovered and got accomplished.  Red worked tirelessly to also help find a radiator in CT…  he now knows the location of about 10 of them…. but only for later models.  With the hopes of finding a radiator in Mass, I decided to head North in the early evening with the work we accomplished done and to slowly make my way to Boston.

I can’t thank Red enough for everything.  If you happen to need work done on your car, his number is 860-666-6158 and he is in West Berlin (near Hartford).


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