Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Drive 10-15 miles at a time at 35-45 mph and stop for a cool down and water.

This was the pattern.  I stopped at every road stop to let things cool down. Why so hot? Well, some folks would say because it is too hot outside and that is why the car won’t cool. I don’t subscribe to this.    At each stop I tried to trouble shoot what is happening….. is the timing right?  is the fuel mixture too rich? does the radiator need to be rodded out?  is the pump moving too quick for the water to cool down?  is there enough oil?  Etc.

My suspicion is that the head gasket is allowing a little “burp” of combustion gas to enter into the cooling jacket but ONLY when really under pressure…. like when going at a higher speed or up a big hill.  My car had this problem when I drove at 50+ MPH.  You can also think of this like putting an inflated balloon under water…. the gas goes into the water, the water doesn’t go into the balloon.

I will discuss this with Red when I get to his shop.

  1. Brian says:

    Godspeed cuz.

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