Last Post of the Night

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Late Night Red

Obviously I didn’t make it to Mass today. I did make it to Red’s shop.  First let me say how great it is that the Model A world has so many folks willing to “go the extra mile” for love of the hobby.  RED IS ONE OF THESE GUYS.   Red’s shop is home to several beautiful vehicles (some for sale).  I will write about the place more tomorrow (when I have had some sleep) and can take some photos (with his permission).    Red and I went out for dinner and talked about the car and life in general.  We checked the head bolt torque, looked over the vehicle, made a bunch of calls, etc…   It looks like tomorrow AM we will be changing the head gasket. Here is a photo of Red at work.

Tonight I have decided to crash over at the Super 8.  They offer a make your own waffle breakfast.  I unloaded the car, parked her upfront and removed a few cables as a “security” measure.  In the morning we meet Red at the shop at 9AM.

The drive today was a lot of fun.   The Phaeton has a real power to bring happiness to people.  You can’t imagine how many folks approached me to tell me about their cars, or ask about mine.  Kids smile, truckers give thumbs up, even a guy in a Bentley made certain to tell me how much he loved the car.  It was a big hit in the rushhour stop and go.  No fooling, at least 100 people took pictures of or with the car.  It is really quite special…..Ahooooga!


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