So I Asked For An Adventure….

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

….. and I got one.   I departed NYC bright and early.  First stop was actually just across the bridge to pick up the Phaeton.   Then to Epstein’s Deli in White Plains with Grandma and my sister.  Lunch was good and I then headed to meet with David Streicher and tooled around town with some ice coffee.  David (show in the photo) had a great time learning how to drive a 84 year old car.  He did great.  I didn’t leave White Plains until early afternoon, figuring I would just keep the top down, and front window tilted.  Next planned stop…. Red Leiner’s Model A Shop in East Berlin.  Red was kind enough to be “on call” in case I found myself stranded.  I figured it would be nice to see his shop and treat him to a beverage.  Guess what?  Things didn’t go as planned.


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